Beginner's Guide To Visiting Montparnasse

“Visiting Montparnasse”

There are so many exciting, hidden places in the world that have not been fully explored by tourists-one such place is Montparnasse. Once a maze filled with roaring cafes and artist studios, most parts of Montparnasse were leveled during the ‘60s to give rise to Tour Montparnasse (the only skyscraper in Paris back in those days) and a train station. As years pass by, the area has metamorphosed into a lovely neighborhood where there are lots of interesting activities to keep you entertained all year round. Find out the closest cities to Montparnasse, places to visit, and where to lodge by using this Paris Vacation Sites Generator.

Visiting the Tour Montparnasse is one of the best experience you’ll find in Paris. Enough of the over-hyped Eiffel Tower-you’ll spend a lot of money getting to the top, while the Tour Montparnasse can truly provide you with the best view of Paris.

Montparnasse is arguably the quietest yet one of the most unassumingly lively places in Paris, with lots of world-class markets where you can dine on intercontinental dishes and enjoy exquisite hotels and restaurants for ultimate relaxation. The buildings in Montparnasse are clean and nicely spaced out, and there are lots of eye-catching places for sightseeing.

Below are some of the numerous reasons why you need to visit this town:

  • Fondation Cartier Pour l’art contemporain. For art lovers, this is one place you will appreciate visiting. The building was designed by a well-known and innovative French architect known as Jean Nouvel. There are a number of historical art displays in this building that will leave you staggered.
  • Catacombs. This is an underground site in Paris that’s dreadful, yet interesting for those that love the macabre. Possibly not ideal for those claustrophobic folks, but visiting this place is really worthwhile-the true definition of a tourist site.
  • The Tour Montparnasse. This building is 680 feet high and the oldest skyscraper in Paris. Though it is one of the least attractive buildings in the city, it is the perfect spot to take in a breath-taking view of Paris, thanks to its open-air roof.
  • Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson. Lovers of photography shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Cartier-Bresson’s atelier that was restored few years back. This building features a collection of Henri’s work and other photographs from upcoming artists.

When it comes to bars and restaurants, you will find a full dose of whatever cuisine it is that you want. Below are the best cafés in Montparnasse:

  • La Rotonde Brasserie. Back in the “30s and 20s”, this place served as a home to political exiles and foreign artists. Although not as exotic as it used to be, La Rotonde still remains a nice spot to have a quick bite and some coffee on the sunshiny terrace. For a wholesome and substantial meal, you can experience traditional French dishes.
  • Le Lithographe. With its friendly wait staff, menu of fresh, inexpensive food, and art nouveau décor, this is the best place to branch off for a meal or drink after visiting Montparnasse Fondation Cartier or Cemetery which are close to Le Lithographe. Toasted baguettes and homemade tapenade are made available with drinks.
  • Le Select Café and Brasserie. This is a place where Hart Crane and Isadora Duncan were known to hang out, and now it has become a popular spot for a glass of wine, a nicely made cocktail, or beer. For lovers of Emmentaler cheese, trying out the Croquet Madame alongside a plate of French onion soup will make for an unforgettable dining experience.

How To Get To Montparnasse

How To Get To Montparnasse

Montparnasse includes the 14e and 15e arrondissements. Follow line 4, 6, 12, or 13 to Montparnasse-Bienvenue to reach the Tour Montparnasse. Then move along Boulevard du Montparnasse to get to the cafes. Follow line 6 or 4 to the Raspail metro stop for the Fondation Cartier or Cimetiere du Montparnasse. To reach the Catacombs, follow line 4 or 6 to Denfert-Rochereau. There are other nearby metro stops such as the Edgar Quinet stop on line 6 and the Gaite stop on line 13 for the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson.

To make the most of your time, get up to the top of the Tour Montparnasse, where you will be rewarded with an unmatched vista in all of Paris.