10 Activities That Will Keep You Busy In Bastille

The Bastille, which is also known as La Fête National is a memorable day that is celebrated by the French on July 14th of each year. It is likened to American Independence Day, with lots of activities to keep you entertained throughout the day. Among the numerous festivities you can participate in, some of the best include the parade, firework show, dance parties and the legal drinking of alcohol on the Champ de Mars.

During this period, virtually all the top-class hotels in Saint Germain and other parts of Paris are filled up with guests from all around the world.

To get the most from this event, here are the top 10 activities to keep you busy:

1. Watch Fireworks In The City Of Paris

Paris, aka The City of Light is one of the place to be during the Bastille. Although the event is celebrated all across the country, Paris is the place where most things happen. The fireworks will thrill you and you’ll meet plenty of people to have the time of your life in the company of.

2. Join The Party In New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the areas in the United Sates that is most concentrated with French nationalities. Bastille is properly celebrated in this city with lots of French culture and heritage displayed throughout the Bastille period. The activities on offer include the Music Extravaganza, Arnaud’s Wine Dinner and a dedicated display of art work in museums.

3. Watch A French Flick

Finding firework displays outside of France on this special day may be tough, but there are other interesting activities to get busy with apart from watching fireworks. You can visit the cinema and watch classic French movies – especially from the likes of famous actors Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve.

4. Indulge In Macarons

Macarons are one of the most delicious French delicacies you simply must eat on Bastille Day. This sweet treat comes in different colors and has the shape of an egg. It is more delicious when it is fresh and light and it has a flaky texture. This well-known French cake has spread to some shops in New York City and Miami in United States.

5. See The Re-Enactment Of The Storming Of The Bastille

July 16th is the special day when Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary rejuvenate Le Quatorze Jullet with a re-enactment display of the storming of the Bastille. Enjoy parties all over the streets, French fare and music, which extends to the neighborhood of Fairmount.

6. Experience An All-Night Dance In New York City

Bastille Day is hugely celebrated in New York City. Although it may not be the largest celebration in the Big Apple, there are lots of activities to keep you entertained all through the night. There’s a raffle draw to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris, music from Brick City Gospel Chorale, and many other side attractions.

7. Enjoy The Party By The Riverbank In Lyon

If you are able to make your way to France for the Bastille, you’d do well by stopping over in Lyon, Rhone-Alpes’ capital for the fireworks show happening on the Fourvière hilltop. You will enjoy a night of dancing on the riverbank to a mix of beats from all parts of the world. People from all over come to this location to have fun with the people of France.

8. Sample A Collection Of French Cheese

There are over 350 types to choose from in the cheese world, but you’re highly unlikely to find an option to rival the cheese produced by the French. Try a few classics like Camembert, Brie and Chevre before proceeding to more of French favorites like Roquefort and Tome de Savoie.


9. Go For Crepes

One place to get traditional crepes and French wheat pancakes is the Brittany region. If you are traveling to this part of the country, take your time and visit a creperie. Order any of these special delicacies, served with fillings like cheese and ham, and best served with a glass of Breton cider.

10. Learn About French Wine

To get fully involved in the party as well as getting to know more about the French culture, make your way through to the country’s wine regions. To get started, champagne will be the ideal first step on your tour. Visit restaurants and bars and try out other wines that are tasty and refreshing.