10 Things To Do If You Want To See The Unknown Side Of Paris

Thinking of going to Paris and having a time to remember? Well, in that case, instead of going to the usual tourist traps why not visit and discover places that are not all that known and offer odd but sweet fun.

The top 10 places and things to do there are listed below and do make for a nice reading.

The City Of Light And Fun Grandly Beckons!

Going to Paris? Well, here’s where to go to if you intend on seeing the unusual sides of the City of Love:


  • catacombs

    Catacombs of Paris

    Bony Catacombs of Sweet Silence– Paris is among the loveliest of cities and one of the liveliest. Head below however and you are bound to get stunned. Paris hosts what is known as the Catacombs of Paris. This is essentially an underground city that is crammed with the skeletons of around 6 million folks. What is perhaps most unusual about the Catacombs of Paris is the all-enveloping silence and the peacefulness of it all. Here, life and death cease to have much of meaning and you can meditate deeply on all aspects of the universe and perhaps come to an enhanced stage of enlightenment. The Catacombs of Paris is quite popular, as it should be. To avoid the usual crowds, it might be best to just book a tour with a trustworthy local and go deeper than you have ever gone!


  • Go for The Most Fruitful Grocery Shopping Experience– the French take their food and wine rather seriously and exert themselves to make these of the highest quality. They also love cooking with the freshest ingredients and buy these at the local markets. Paris has a boatload of markets, some of which sell organic products that go down like a sip of ambrosia! The markets are where the locals go to chit-chat and socialize, so a visit to any of them is called for.


  • Saint-Ouen Flea Market

    Scoop Up Treasures Great and Small At The Saint-Ouen Flea Market– looking for the unusual? Then the Saint-Ouen market is certain to provide it. This is a flea market that hosts an endless variety of goodies. Here, you can buy just about anything, bar a spaceship, a main battle tank and an actual alien skeleton. So, what is your poison? Head to the Saint-Ouen flea market and you are bound to find it!


  • A Street Picasso Is The Life For You– Paris is an unusually creative place, and we are sure that this is due to the very fine food and wine that is available at all corners! The city of Paris has given birth to and nurtured artists great and small and will undoubtedly continue to do so. Why not find out if you have artistic genes or simply give free rein to your artistic inclinations by signing up for a Graffiti Workshop and being permitted to paint your self-defining street mural. This workshop is the initiative of a local artist and makes it possible for you to design your mural and then paint the masterpiece on a designated street. What could be more fun or rad than that!


  • Pere Lachaise Cemetery

    Pere Lachaise Cemetery

    Explore The Pere Lachaise Cemetery– cemeteries are not a fun place, but the Pere Lachaise cemetery is a happy exception. Here can be found the graves of such greats like Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf and lots more. For the best effect and an experience to remember, it would be advisable to book a tour with a local, as they have an encyclopedic knowledge of just about every soul sleeping the sleep of eternity in that cemetery.


  • Float In The Sweet Ambience Of The Palais Garnier – most visitors to the Palais Garner do not bother to enter and instead just pose for innumerable photos, before going on a shopping trip to the posh shops nearby. That is a mistake deserving of a knock on the head! The Palais Garnier is a must-see if ever there was any. It boasts staircases so magnificent they seem to lead to heaven, chandeliers that sparkle like fresh sin, sweet golden pillars and a ceiling decorated by Chagall himself. Oh, what wonder! As if that is not enough, the Palais Garnier is also the setting for the original Phantom of the Opera novel. Be sure to explore every inch of this palace and you are bound to have loads of things to boast about to your grandkids for ages to come!


  • Natural History Museum

    Go Back In Time At The Natural History Museum – the Natural History Museum is one of a kind. It is an enormous building that is filled with thousands if not tens of thousands of skeletons of all kinds of animals. Then there is the Gallery of Evolution, which hosts more than 7,000 of the most lifelike animal specimens. The museum is worth a visit, though you should probably prepare to be a little scared out of your mind, as enormous stuffed animals seem just about to sink their vicious fangs into your body!


  • The French Revolution Was A Do-Or-Die Affair – during the French Revolution, prisoners bound for execution were detained for a little while at La Concierge. Their next step would be to the guillotine, where their heads were forcefully detached from their bodies. This was the way that hundreds of nobles and sundry folks were dispatched, and it was not pretty. La Concierge today is well preserved, but moody looking. There, you can sit in a cell of the sort that Maria Antoinette was sent to, before being executed. Should your taste run to period weapons, there is a weapons room containing enough weapons to fight and win a zombie apocalypse!


  • Sacré-Cœur

    Head To Sacré-Cœur For Sacred Thrills – usually, most visitors to the City of Love opt to visit either the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower. As to be imagined, these places are very crowded. Instead of heading there, why not visit Sacré-Cœur, aka the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. This is located on the tallest hill in the city, thereby guaranteeing the most awesome views. Thus, you can take the most rad photos and document your life force for all eternity.


  • A Sewer Rat Knows Great Joy – normally, the sewers of any city are not a place anyone in his/her right mind would even dream of visiting. The sewers of Paris are one of the few exceptions and is a city in itself full of arteries, branches and the like. And no, it is not as stinky as you might suppose. The sewers were put together in 1370 and today hosts an exhibition that details its origins and the machinery that was at one time used to keep it running. It sure is worth a visit. That is, if you are looking out for the unusual side of a city like Paris.CaughtFapping.net - Adult Time SeriesEXTRA – Caught Fapping – this might sound as a very trivial thing but trust us – the sexuality of French people is definitely abnormal. In a good way. Adult Time presents Caught Fapping – series inspired by Paris love scene, where being caught doing it is not considered a faux pas. Imagine living inside step family where every single members is placed in a situation where he/she catch and get caught during his/her intimate moment. Is it embarrassing? Yes, but it’s also a start to some unique moments of intimacy.


Paris has a lot to offer all folks, regardless of their tastes. Should yours run to the unusual, there are more than a few things in Paris that are worth taking a deep and introspective look at.

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