Top 10 Hotels In Saint Germain

“World-class hotels”

When it comes to beauty, social events, tourism and adventure, there are few cities that can stand up to Paris. Paris is a beautiful place that comprises of different communities, one of which is Saint Germain. This community, a suburb of western Paris, is blessed with world-class hotels with exciting features to keep you happy throughout your stay. Most of the hotels have been recently refurbished to make them look more attractive. The cozy environment of these luxury hotels coupled with the warm reception from staff will make you feel perfectly at home. The majority of these hotels are world-class, with excellent services to make you feel comfortable. Below is a list of the 10 best hotels in Saint-Germain:

1. Best Western Aramis Saint-Germain

This hotel is one of the most highly sought-after in Saint Germain due to its luxury features and modest price. It is just 1.4 miles away from the city center and 1.6 miles away from the Eiffel Tower. See more on the Tour Montparnasse, the oldest tower in Paris.

2. Hotel Montalembert

The Hotel Montalembert has rooms with amenities that make it one of the best hotels in Paris. The rooms feature facilities such as interactive TV, air conditioning, hairdryer, minibar, turndown service, vanity mirror, in-room safe, high-speed internet, and lots more. You can enjoy intercontinental dishes and a variety of champagne to keep you refreshed. The rooms come in different price ranges, allowing guests to select the one that matches their taste and budget.

3. Villa Madame

This is a lovely hotel in Saint Germain that is known for is excellent services. It is close to Jardin des Luxembourg. There are executive rooms as well as other low-end rooms for individuals and families. The environment is quiet and beautiful, with an amazing lawn around the building. If you want your stay to be effortless and easy, then try Villa Madame.

4. Victoria Palace Hotel Paris

This old French-style hotel is a serene environment and includes space to take a walk with your loved ones. In-room amenities include 24-hour room service, amazing internet facilities, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, and lots more of luxury features. There are 64 rooms available with different categories and prices to suit guests’ budgets.

5. Hotel Recamier

All the rooms in Hotel Recamier are well-dressed with exotic furniture. You can get massage beauty treatments in the comfort of your room in this world-class hotel. The rooms are well-suited to render maximum comfort to customers. The price for each varies depending on the features it has. If you prefer it modest there are abundance of rooms for you to choose from, and likewise for luxury lovers.

6. Artus Hotel By MH

This exceptional hotel has an average price of $280 per night, but the services you get from Artus Hotel far outweigh the spend. There are staff on standby to attend to your needs at any time of the day and the rooms are suited up with modern and exciting facilities. It is 1.9 miles away from the iconic Eiffel Tower and 0.6 miles away from the city center.

7. Hotel Pont Royal

The interior décor of this hotel is breathtaking. It is comprised of eight floors, all of which have excellent features to keep you entertained. If you need childcare or babysitting, internet services, fitness facilities, etc., you will find it all at Hotel Pont Royal. This hotel is well-known for its serene environment and beautiful structure.

8. Le Meridien Etoile

Setting your eyes on this building alone is enough to make you love it. Hotel Le Meridien is a famous hotel in Saint Germain which is known for its world-class services. They prioritize their customers over anything which is why they set out a conducive and beautiful environment for lodging.

9. La Belle Juliette

Situated in Central Saint-Germain, La Belle Juliette is a well-organized building that serves as a house to tourists and other visitors. The environment is beautiful and devoid of noise pollution which makes it a perfect luxury hotel. The staff are well-trained and render one of the best services in hotel management.

10. Hotel Esprit Saint Germain

If there was any such thing as a 10-star rating, this hotel would get it. This is arguably the most attractive boutique hotel in the world. Attention is paid to everything in this magnificent building and the staff are trained to render optimum services. Leaving this hotel after spending some time there is like leaving behind something truly special.