Pubs That Feature Live Music

“Over the years, the majority of these public houses have added even more to the fun factor by introducing live music.”

The lives we live are full of ups and downs, so it is essential that we get the most out of it while we can. One of the best ways to have good times with friends and colleagues is by going to pubs and enjoying food and drink. It gives you a refreshing feeling when you are within a gathering of people having fun together.

“Pubs and enjoying food and drink”

There are countless pubs in Paris that attract people from all walks of life for relaxation and entertainment. Over the years, the majority of these public houses have added even more to the fun factor by introducing live music. As most of us know, music is life. The feeling that you get when enjoying a glass of wine accompanied with the beautiful sound that touches your soul is out of this world. One major district in Paris that is attracting more pubs is the Latin Quarter which is crowded with youthful folks. If you’re visiting Paris and you feel like relaxing in a pub that features live music.

Here are some you should check out!

Le Motel

Located close to Basitille, Paris, Le Motel is the perfect place to hang out if you are a fan of hip electro-pop-rock. There are comfortable seats arranged in an orderly manner at the bar and during the evening hours, DJs are on the ground to feed your ears with fantastic music.

L’Escape B

L’Escape B is just a stone’s throw away from the Parc de la Villete. It is located in a quiet street, somewhere between a concert hall and an Italian restaurant. This exciting little place packs plenty of surprises and everything you need for a good night out. You’ll be introduced to both international and French acts with lots of eye-catching features to excite your eyes as well as your ears.


Paris has waited so long to have a dedicated venue for upcoming acts, but now that void is filled by L’International. There are two to three sets every evening, mostly pop, French singers, rock, electro, and folk, all playing to entertain an enthusiastic crowd. You don’t have to pay any money to enjoy the performances. Perfect for hanging out with friends and sipping on a glass of wine.

La Mecanique Ondulatoire

This is another nice pub in the Bastille area of Paris that is loaded with lots of musical features to provide you with the maximum amount of fun. The vintage furniture and fabulous interior of La Mechanique Ondulatoire will catch your eye immediately. There are two floors in this bar; you can get all types of cocktails on the ground floor, while downstairs, DJs are present to play you all kinds of popular music. The experience in La Mechanique Ondulatoire is breathtaking.

L’Alimentation Generale (ALG)

Every evening at ALG, you can enjoy a warm, colorful and always affordable ultra-festive night on the tiles. To get into this pub costs between 5 to 10 with a drink included. The room is well furnished with convivial tables and a large dance floor. At weekends, DJs are on the ground to thrill cosmopolitan crowds with funk, electro, hip-hop and tropical electro music.

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