Upcoming Events In Montparnasse You Should Not Miss

The gorgeous city of Montparnasse welcomes guests and tourists with thousands of lights and beautiful decorations all year.

“Take advantage of your stay to visit some of the contemporary art galleries, dive into the fun events and fairs.”

From fine dining, drinking and enjoying charming sceneries, here are some of the events that you should not miss while you are in town.

Growl Boyz Release, Paris

Growl Boyz Releases Soon

Growl Boyz Releases Soon

With upcoming Growl Boyz release in Internet, there is a special event held in Paris to celebrate that. Now you will be able to meet and greet actors of today’s reincarnation of ancient secret homosexual cult. With great LGBT audience on the event you can discuss upcoming episodes and share ideas for quality videos to enjoy online.

Missionary Boys of France, Paris

Missionary Boys of France

Missionary Boys of France

The cult of missionary boys is well-known in France. After all the religion has deep origins in this country – making it a perfect place for dirty fantasies. In this series you will experience the sexual procedures taking place in the secret monastery. Missionary adepts are doing whatever they are told, and with all the request being homosexual requests, you can be sure to explore the taboo world of filthy forbidden sex.

Delacroix At The Louvre, Paris


The art of Eugene Delacroix is described as going on a wild journey into the narrow dark roads of the painter’s endurance, fear and agony. The journey also takes visitors through the painter’s elevated energy and gladness using colors, bright lights and intense motion.

Residents and tourists in Montparnasse will finally get the chance to enjoy over 180 works of the painter courtesy of Louvre and the New York Met. The event that is set to take place from March 29 all the way to July 23 will definitely attract different kind of audiences.  Allow yourself to be blown away by Eugene’s passion and inspiration through the creative use of color while in Montparnasse.

Celebrate The Chinese New Year On The Montparnasse Tower

Montparnasse Tower

In Montparnasse and Paris as a whole, the Chinese New Year is not a one-day-celebration but instead the festivities continue for an entire week. The Montparnasse Tower gives you the chance to enjoy the whole festival on the 56th floor of the tower. There are exciting cultural activities offering make up, decorations and even costumes. Everyone gets to enjoy concerts, great calligraphy workshops and two Dragon Parades.

Visitors also get to learn more on the Chinese Culture by indulging themselves with delicious Chinese cakes and tasty drinks that will be offered.

Exceptional Event For Bastille Day

Bastille Day

The exceptional Bastille Day event set to take place on the 14th of July is going to be especially thrilling for Fireworks enthusiasts. If you want to experience the most spectacular of France’s national celebrations, Montparnasse Tower is definitely the place to be.

You will get to watch and benefit from the wonderful event from the chic and exceptional view. There will also be live performances from different artists. Tasty delicacies and drinks will also be available to everyone as they enjoy the unrivalled panorama of the event.

Montparnasse Tower Ice Rink

Montparnasse Tower Ice Rink

From the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day) all the way to March 6th, anyone can skate on the roof of the Tour Montparnasse. The roof is 689ft above the gorgeous twinkling lights of the city. From high up there you can enjoy the breath-taking view of the entire city.

The Montparnasse Tower Ice Rink is one of the best especially because it stays open even after most of the outdoor rinks around Paris close after the holidays. The rink that stays open till early March offers rentals on skates and skills and attendants are always around to give a hand to visitors and newbies.

The ice rink has a bar offering a rich selection of different kind of drinks. Definitely a great place to come and enjoy with your family and friends.

SANS Cyber Security Training

SANS Cyber Security

From the 12th of March to the 17th of March 2018 there will be the SANS Cyber Security Training program that will take place at the Novotel Paris Vaugirard Montparnasse. Guests will get the chance to choose from 4 hands-on-cyber security courses.

The course books offered will be in English, this also includes the course books for the French speaking courses. The program is very informative and is known to be one of the best backed up by SANS extensive experience and knowledge.

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